Thursday, January 30, 2014

Your Tshirt and sociological Mindfulness

Below are two videoes from upworthy about where our shirts are made.  We often don't think about the people who make our shirts and how our purchases impact them, but this video really makes us aware of  where our shirts come from and the people involved in that process.  In his book The Sociologically Examined Life Michael Schwalbe writes
“Being caught up in our daily concerns, we often fail to see and appreciate all of our connections to others-to those who make our clothes, grow our food, clean up our messes, pay for the schools we use, use the schools we pay for, benefit or suffer from actions by politicians we elect, look to us as examples, and so on.  Sociological mindfulness helps us see these threads of social life and how they sustain and obligate us.  The main benefit of this awareness is that it can make us more responsible members of a human community”
 These videoes really bring an awareness of this.

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