Thursday, February 9, 2012

Service Op: Habitat for Humanity March 3rd 7:30-4

If you are interested in helping with this renovation, we could use 6-10 students on March 3rd. Work begins at 8 am and usually goes till about 3-4 pm. If you are interested, please check your availability and dates and times and let me know. I will add you to the list. As of right now, you should expect to have to provide your own transportation there.

Here is a message from our friends at Spring of Life Habitat for Humanity:

In the past, we have had the please of working with students from Stevenson HS and it has always been such a pleasure. We have found the students to be hard-working, polite and fun! We look forward to another year of Stevenson HS student cooperation and have actually schedule time into our renovation plan for it. This home will again be in Elgin and is a renovation rather than a ground up build. With a renovation we face the challenge of accomplishing the goal yet ensuring that all have a positive volunteer experience. With limited space we have to employ fewer volunteers mainly for safety reasons but also so that we don't run out of work. We do not want people tripping over each other but rather working a full day knowing that they really made a difference.

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