Saturday, August 13, 2016

Three ways Sociologists can discuss Trump as the 2016-17 year begins

1.  Sociological imagination and understanding Donal Trump from the Daily Kos:

"The sociological imagination is the connection between personal experience and the broader social and political world. This concept is one of the most powerful frameworks for understanding the human experience and how we locate it within a given society and/or cultural milieu.
As such, the sociological imagination has been invaluable in my efforts to make sense of politics in the Age of Obama, the rise of “Trumpmania,” and the radical rightward move of the Republican Party and movement conservatism."

2.  From Sociological Images of the Society Pages, a humor theorist explains Trump's joke about killing Hilary and how it relates to identity, function of groups and  ingroups/outgroups,

3.  Stephanie Coontz, family scholar and author of The Way We Never Were offers insight on the nostalgia that Trump calls into consciousness to stir up his voters.
we should recognize that there are reasons people in precarious circumstances may resent immigration –- reasons entirely different from but also vulnerable to racist lies about crime and violence. In some areas illegal immigration does displace the least-educated native workers. It can also create tensions in neighborhoods that are experiencing cutbacks in public investment even as educational resources and other community amenities multiply in the increasingly isolated enclaves of the very rich.

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