Monday, September 24, 2012

Analyzing A Bronx Tale for Sociological Themes

Analyzing A Bronx Tale for Sociological Themes Today we did the following lesson in pairs. I want students to be sure they understand and can apply the sociological themes from the movie. These are themes that will be thread throughout our semester so this is the chance to sharpen your understanding of them. Here is the lesson: If you posted about A Bronx Tale, find a partner who also posted about A Bronx Tale. If you did not post about it yet, find someone else who did not post yet. Part I: 1. Go to my blog. Tell your partner which prompt(s) you responded to. 2. Verbally, share your post with your partner. 3. Partner – Ask follow up questions. Do you need to clarify anything in the post? 4. Partner – Give feed back to partner: What parts of the post answered the prompt? What Sociological concept or topic was explained well? What should s/he clarify in the post? Switch. Reverse roles for Part I. Part II: Two partners find another post online that addresses a prompt that you two did not. 1. Discuss whether s/he answered the prompt and explained sociology. 2. Decide whether this is a good answer to explain that sociological topic. 3. Together write a constructive comment for the post. What did the author do well? What would you like clarified? What should the author be careful to not misunderstand? Continue on to another prompt together and repeat Part II when you have finished.

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