Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogging Info

Hey Soc class!

Just a reminder to blog before class time on the last day of the week. That means blog before class starts tomorrow. Also remember that your blog should:
1. Explain the sociology behind what we've been doing in class. So, demonstrate that you understand what the sociology is and why we are studying it.
2. Second, be sure to relate the post to something from your own life - it might be something that happened to you, something you read or watched, or something you found online. It could be anything, but I want it to be unique so that we can learn from your example.
3. Keep your writing academic. Please use proper prose, avoid misspellings and avoid abbreviations. And, post by the beginning of the last class each week.
4.Lastly, comment on two other students' blogs. Please comment on their ideas and give them a short but sweet comment about their ideas. Don't be cliche or too general, but it doesn't have to be long either. Just show them (and me) that you are reading their blog and maybe you learned something from them.

Not sure what to write about? Scroll down below this post and look for the recent posts that relate to what we have been doing in class.

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