Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The start of Unit 3, socialization; a metaphor called "The Growing Man"

HW: For Tomorrow, please read and annotate "What is Human Nature?" from your packet.

As students enter, on page 9 of your packet, please answer this:

What are all of the ways that you are similar to your immediate family (your parents, siblings, the people that have raised you)? Brainstorm as many ways as possible.

The metaphor that I use for the unit on socialization is called The Growing Man Metaphor. I developed the metaphor after being inspired by Richard Strozzi-Heckler's book Holding the Center; Sanctuary in a Time of Confusion. The idea is that to go from being a baby ruled by emotions, instincts and training to being a fully human adult (conscious and aware), we need other people. As humans we were made to be social. Our nature - biology, our language, our dependency all make us social beings. 

For more proof on how we are made to be social, checkout this link to see a story on 60 minutes about how we have an ability to interpret and remember human faces. So we are made to interact with other people and it is through other people that we become human and that we develop our potential. The process of this influence in sociology is called "socialization."

Here is a link to the packet for Unit 3.

What is socialization? 

What makes humans special?

What is innately human?  

What is human nature?

What evidence do studies of twins provide?

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