Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bored in the suburbs, write some words, get heard...

I have had my radar tuned to anything for teens to do that is different and cool and doesn't involve anything illegal. I remember being a teen and thinking that there is very little cool to do. I am also struck by the number of teens in the upper middle class suburbs seeking an authentic culture and an anti-suburban culture such as hiphop. Well, here's something different and authentic and fun:

From Chicago Public Radio:
The annual "Louder Than A Bomb" teen poetry slam engages schools and community organizations from all over the Chicago area. This friendly competition gathers the best and brightest young writers (age 13-19) from throughout the region with the winners going on to represent Chicago at the national level.

"Louder Than A Bomb" is a safe space that emphasizes community building, education, and youth empowerment. By carrying on the rich tradition of oral storytelling and the spoken word, this competition historically engages more than 350 youth participants representing over 40 schools and community centers to share stories, break stereotypes, and speak the truth, challenging themselves and their audience.

The competition took place February 28 through March 9 throughout Chicago.

What a great outlet for teens feeling bored and unstimulated in the burbs. If you don't feel creative enough to write, get out to one of the competitions just to watch. Here's a link to some recordings of the best from 2008.

Keep your eyes open for the 2009 competition.


  1. This sounds interesting, Sal. The first person to start reading his poem sounded too much like one of Theo's friends on the Cosby Show that I actually wanted to look him up to see if it was the same person.

    Keep up the blog. I actually come back and check it out once a week or so!

  2. Wow - cool to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying the summer and the city. any good shows lately?