Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kimmel and Mahler

Please answer the following questions:

1.  Without discussing or looking at your neighbors, please list three words that describe what it means to be a real man:

Now list the first three words that come to mind when describing someone who is not a real man:

Next, please take out the article by Kimmel and Mahler titled, Adolescent Masculinity, homophobia, and violence:  Random school shootings, 1982-2001. 

As a group, please answer the following questions:

2.  What is the most significant variable that correlates with random mass shootings?  What evidence does Kimmel and Mahler cite to show this?

3.  What are some of the ways in which researchers have tried to explain random mass shootings but have missed the variable (from #2 above) in their explanations?

4.  What was the geography of the shootings?  Where were the random school shootings more likely to occur?  Why?

5.  Explain how Kimmel and Mahler studied the phenomenon of random school shootings.

6.  What findings did the authors have about homosexuality and random school shootings?

7.  What were the school cultures like where the shootings occurred?

8. Why does the author say that boys are more likely to commit random school shootings?

9.  What race are the random school shooters more likely to be?  Why?

10.  What factors might help prevent random school shootings?


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