Thursday, January 5, 2017

Textbook, Bell, Remind

First, as you enter please try to access your digital textbook:

Our textbook for the class is the digital version of Norton's Real World Sociology.
 Sociology 2016-17
Book: The Real World 5th Edition

The SMARTdesk team has already registered a code for your eTextbook.

On your iPad, in the blue and white envelope email App, in your SHS gmail account:
Look for an email from:
“Your W.W. Norton Digital Production Registration”

In that email you will see:

“To access your digital content, you can visit:

and sign in to your account.”

Tap the link.
It will take you to the web via your Safari App.

On that webpage, tap on the “green bar” that has the words:
Sign In, Register a Code, or Purchase Access

In the next window you will see:
Have you already registered for this product?
Yes, I want to sign in

Your SHS email address

Your OLD Password is the 8 numbers you formally used to login to Infinite Campus and your SHS gmail
WITH Shs in front of them.  Example  Shs12345678

Now Select: Sign In

You are now successfully logged into your W. W. Norton Digital Resources account.
You will see your copy of The Real World, An Introduction to Sociology, 5th Edition

It is suggested you make this a “webclip” on your iPad for easy access.

If you are having any problems, please visit the SMARTdesk.
The SMARTdesk is open on regular school days from 7:30 AM - 4 PM.
On late arrival days: 10 AM - 4 PM

Each day I like to do a brief meditation with a bell.

If you would like to subscribe to my Remind account, please do so:

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