Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moving forward...

One of the main objectives of this class has been to give you some ideas for how to apply sociology to your own life. I hope that you will be influenced by our class and at times I hope you will return to this blog to look again at the ideas that we discussed in class. Just like the ringing of the bell, you are constantly changing, growing and developing. There will be times when you experience more development than others and there will be times of your life when you are more open to learning the lessons of our class.

Here is the Desiderata which is a great poem summarizing much of what we learned in class.

Here is the history of the Desiderata which explains the connection to Adlai Stevenson.

Here is the book This Book Is Not Required which we read from during our last lesson:

Finally, I hope that learning about the influence of society on the individual (sociological imagination) has helped you to see how you have been influenced by the world. And hopefully in seeing this, you can really understand who you are, love who you are and be forgiving of yourself. And then, you can begin to nurture the person you want to become and nurture loving relationships in your life. Here is a Ted Talk from Brene Brown that highlights the importance of letting ourselves be vulnerable and this vulnerability allows us to feel both love and pain. But in being open to these emotions, it allows love to grow in us if we have the mindset that we are worthy of love.

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