Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ending Unit 1

As you enter, try to write down the difference between:

Categories, generalizations and Stereotypes

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  1. I took sociology 101 a long time ago and I have a quick question. I've searched the internet and I thought maybe it'd be better to ask a teacher!

    In class my professor talked about a term that was used to describe things that would distract our society from the important things like politics. For example football and celebrities would fall into this term.
    I can't find the terminology anywhere. Can you help?

    1. Maybe you are thinking of Marx and Engel's idea of false consciousness? That is the idea that the ruling class creates an idea that the masses buy into. For example, the Super Bowl has been so popularized that people feel the need to watch it even though many don't watch a single other football game the whole year. Related to this is the idea of cultural hegemony popularized by Antonio Gramsci. The idea is that those in power can promote ideas so strong that they are not even questioned. Maybe this is what you remember?