Sunday, January 7, 2018

What would I do if I majored in sociology?

There are lots of ways you can use a sociology major and of course, many people end up working in an area that has nothing to do with their major anyway. Sociology is great for anything having to do with people and statistics or different groups of people. Here are some resources.

For majoring in sociology:
This is from the American Sociology Association's website:

The 21st century labor market is fast changing, increasingly global and technology-driven, the jobs that you may apply for as a graduate may not even exist yet. To navigate the 21st century means being able to keep up with the changing world.
As society evolves, you as a sociology major will have the tools to critically analyze the world and your place within it.

This page from Huffington Post will help allow you to explore why some students majored in sociology, what skill sets sociology students learn.

From Pacific Lutheran University

From Northwestern U.

Here's a post from Everyday Sociology Blog about majoring in sociology.

Also, for finding jobs in sociology:
This is a link to the ASA page on jobs.  Here is a brief overview of where sociology majors end up after they complete their bachelor's degree.

Here is a downloadable pamphlet on careers for sociology majors.

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