Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Black Lives Matter

Trump at a rally 2/29/2016

Trump throws out Black lives Matter Protesters and he incites the crowd by yelling "All lives matter." Here's some metaphors to help explain why the Black Lives Matter movement is important and it shouldn't be trumped by "all lives matter".

Black Lives Matter Metaphors:

Bob is sitting at the dinner table.  Everyone else there gets a plate of food except Bob.  Bob says, “Bob deserves food.” Everyone at the table responds with, “Everyone deserves food!” and they continue eating.  Although everyone deserves food is a true statement, it does nothing to actually rectify the fact that Bob has NO food!

The Doctor
A man goes to the doctor for a broken arm, and the doctor starts examining the rest of the man’s body.  The injured man says, “Doc, it’s my arm that’s broken; everything else is fine,” and the doctor responds, “All bones matter.”  Of course they all do, but they aren’t the ones broken now!

When Jesus said “Blessed are the poor, “  no one stood up and yelled “Blessed is everyone!”


Randall Barnes puts February 2016 into perspective with a detailed analysis of Blackish:

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