Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Service Op: Special Olympics Flag Football Sept 27th at SHS

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our Flag Football event on Sunday, September 27th at Stevenson High School. I am not the staff taking the lead on this event nor will I be attending, but offered to help recruit volunteer help. If you could pass along this link to anyone who might be interested we would really appreciate it: http://cerv.is/m?0117x1330 This has all the information and slots we need to fill.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Service Op: Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA)

A former student of mine is now working at the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA).  They provide sporting events for people who need the sport modified in a way so that they can compete, such as wheelchair basketball.  Here is a video about one of their athletes:

If you are interested in sports or physical therapy or special ed, this may be a great opportunity for you. They have a 5K fundraiser coming up that you can volunteer for by clicking here.

 Click here to learn more about opportunities to get involved with GLASA. You can call and ask for Micaela Fedyniak.

Service Op: Feeding the needy at St. Thomas October 13th, 2015

Tuesday October 13, 2015, we can take 5 students from each class to the St. Thomas Soup Kitchen. If there is a large interest, I will have a lottery for students interested. However, you can always reserve a spot for yourself and friends or family on another day by clicking the link below and calling them.  Usually we meet at 3:10 in the lower east commons.  We take a bus together and return by 8.
There is a church in Chicago called St. Thomas of Canterbury. They generously and humbly serve hundreds of meals to those in need each year. From their website:
Our Soup Kitchen is open every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, except on Christmas Day. We currently serve 175 to 200 people each time. The doors are open to guests from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Volunteer activities include the preparation of meals, setting the tables, serving the meals to our seated guests and, of course, cleaning up!
Jim Eder has been running the soup kitchen for years and he is a really great guy. If interested in volunteering, call Christine, the volunteer scheduler at 773-878-5507. Be sure to visit their volunteering link here for more info.