Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sub Day!

Today I am out at a professional development meeting.  Here are your tasks for the day:

1.  Please take the following quiz.  Take the quiz and answer True or False for each.  You can use page 41 in your packet to write your answers down.  Answer quickly using common sense.  Go with your first instinct.

Here is the quiz:  Click here for the quiz

Write your answers individually on page 41 of your packet.

When your whole group is finished, click here.

2.  Now that you see the importance of research in sociology, brainstorm some topics that you would like to know more about. It can be anything you are curious about:  dating, college, facebook, cell phone use, etc...  Make a list of topics. Again, you can use page 41.  Do this as a group.  

Next, go onto the SHS library page and use the search engine JSTOR to search for sociological research about some of the more interesting  topics that you brainstormed.
JSTOR is an online database that you can search by subject.  Click here for the SHS JSTOR Advanced search.  Type in your search term(s) and then scroll down to select "sociology" then click search.

Read the abstract of the article or skim the whole article.  Then look for:
A. What method(s) did  the researchers use?

Research might be:
Qualitative (open-ended observation and analysis) or  Quantatative (numerical data)


Observation (fieldwork, ethnography, participant observer)

B. What did they find?

Search for a few studies and make brief notes to share with the class.

3.  If there is time, use the handout from the sub titled "Self-Assessment."  Re-read your second post  that was due on monday.  Evaluate it for the three areas on the sheet.  After you have done this for your own post, exchange sheets with someone else and let him/her evaluate your post on the back of the sheet. 

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