Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Un-TV Assignment

The Un-TV.  Using your Un-TV experiments, please discuss;

1.  How many technical events did each of you count?  What is the median for the group?  What do you think the purpose of the technical events are?

2.  How did the person you observed in step 4 react?  Is this similar to others in the group?

3.  How do you think the technical events from step 1 affect the viewer you observed in step 4?

4.   What were your reflections/insights/questions raised by watching the TV. (step5)?


The Un-Tv Assignment is another great exercise in sociology from Bernard McGrane and his book, The Un-Tv and the 10mph car.  McGrane has also published a more recent book that is completely focused on the media called Watching TV is not Required; Toward Media Mindfulness and Enlightenment TV

Here are some of the reflections on this experiment from Mcgrane's book.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Consuming kids (not cannabalism)

The last agent of socialization from the other day is the media.  The media has a profound impact on U.S. citizens.

One video highlighting this impact is from the movie Consuming Kids from the Media Education Foundation.  The movie exposes all the ways that marketers have tried to make kids into consumers.   Watch it here on mediacast.

As you watch the video, think about your own experiences growing up and how they compare to what the video says.  What are your own examples of becoming a consumer and being branded by the media?

Also, think about your experiences in the UN-TV experiment.   What did this reveal that might relate to the power of TV?