Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Subtle Way that Values Shape Your Life

As you walk in, please search the web and find an image that represents American culture. 

Please email me this image at 

Today: HW: Values Americans live by(pgs 13-18) reading due in two days. 
Black lives matter SHS as subculture - values. 
The importance of cultural values - United States

Hopefully, you understand that values are a really powerful component of culture.  They shape every aspect of how we do things.

1.  Use the web to find an image that represents American material culture to you.

2.  Think about what values that image represents.

3.  Email the image and your ideas about the values to me:

Let's think with sociological mindfulness for a second about values.  They shape you in so many different ways. And they also shape the entire culture in certain ways.  These values lead to behaviors that we all participate in unconsciously.  These behaviors can have an enormous impact on a culture when you view them as cultural behaviors.  Watch this TED talk by Chris Jordan to see how the behaviors impact our culture:

 After watching that video, take a moment and think about this:
1. What are the behaviors that SHS students participate in unconsciously that when taken as a whole, has a huge impact?
2. Try to estimate what the total impact of that behvior is. Use data/research to figure that out.
3. What American cultural values shape the behavior in your example?
4. How could you display that data for others to see?
5.  How is Chris Jordan's work an example of sociological mindfulness?

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