Thursday, January 19, 2017

Post 2: Posting on your blog to show evidence

Please remember that posting on your blog is the primary way that you provide evidence that you are learning. The posts are what will determine your grade at the end of the semester. Here is a prompt to help you with post number 2:

Explain some of the sociological theory that we have learned thus far: sociological imagination, sociological mindfulness, the three sociological perspectives (founders of sociology) and the social construction of reality. Then give an example from your own life/your own perspective. Also be sure to explain how the sources we looked at relate to the lesson. Remember to write properly using correct spelling and grammar.
Here is the scale that will be used to report your progress:

10 Exceeds Standards
9 Meets Standards
7 Shows some proficiency in the standards, but needs more work.
5 Does not demonstrate any proficiency

Here are the three areas you will graded on:
Sociology Content  - explain the sociology concepts that we learned this week. Demonstrate that individuals are shaped by their social life.
10 Explain multiple concepts that we  learned and apply them to a unique example (your own life or something you watched, etc...)
9 Student fully explains the sociological content using relevant terminology from the class.
7 Student somewhat explains the content from class but does not do it in detail and/or uses little or no sociology concepts or terms.
5 Student completed the assignment but did not explain any sociology at all.

Literacy - demonstrate an understanding of the sources used in class (books, movies, websites, etc…) and be able to connect them to sociological concepts/themes.
10 explain and apply multiple sources from class or a connection of an outside source found by the student.
9 Student refers properly to a source from class and explains its connection to sociology in the student’s own words.
7 Student refers to a source from class but it lacks depth, clarity or correctness.
5 Student completed the assignment but was not correct in interpreting the sources from class.

Academic Expectations - be a part of the community of class; being present and on-time, listen, share, respect, and trust other students; participate in class and write properly.
10 Student contributes to the class through commenting, listening and reading. Student uses proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and clear and academic writing. Student meets deadlines and is on time. Student’s work is neat and professional.
9 Student is able to meet almost all of the expectations above.
7 Student meets some of the expectations.
5 Student turns in the assignment or shows up, but does not meet any of the expectations above

Click here to see a student example of post 2.

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