Friday, January 27, 2017

Post 3: Social Construction of Reality, Macro/Micro sociology, Research, Groups & Identity, Ingroups/outgroups, Categories & Stereotypes.

For the second half of Unit 1, we examined Social Construction of Reality, Macro/Micro sociology, Research methods, Groups and Identity, Ingroups/outgroups, Categories and Stereotypes.  A few reminders for when you post:

1) Be sure to look back at my blog and read over the posts that apply.  My posts contain explanations of what each of the concepts were that we learned and sources that apply to them.

2)Be sure to explain some of the concepts that we learned and try to apply them to an original example from your own life/experience.

3)Be sure to explain how a couple of sources apply to the sociological concepts we are learning.  Demonstrate an understanding of how the source applies to the sociology.  Some sources we have looked at: Venkatesh's "Gang Leader For A Day", Charon's "Should We Generalize", the video about racism called "Angry Eye",

4)Spell check and proofread.  Do not use casual/texting language.

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