Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gratitude and happiness

Close your eyes.  Think of someone influential in your life.  Now write down who thought about and why you thought about that person.

Next, check out this video from Upworthy on how this creates happiness:

Now it's your turn, call that person and read what you wrote aloud! Why not?  I think for many of us, this is difficult to do, and at the very least, it is unusual to do because we don't like the vulnerability that comes with gratitude.  Gratitude forces us to admit that we need other people; we are not just individuals in control of our own achievements.  But, that is the message we get over and over again from our culture.  And the sad part (literally) is that the resistance to vulnerability makes us feel less connected to others and less open to feelings of love and belonging.  That is exactly what Brene Brown is talking about in her TED talk.  Click on the following link to return to the post about Tuesdays with Morrie and scroll to the bottom to finish reading it and watch the Brene Brown Video.  Click here to return.

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