Thursday, January 5, 2017

Creating your blog

Today you will be creating your own blog page to use as an ongoing e-journal throughout the duration of this course.  You will be expected to use the next couple of days to develop your blog using creative yet appropriate images, design, fonts, colors, etc. to make it your own.  You need to follow the steps as well as the restrictions that are listed below.
NOTEDo not use last names on the blog and do not use specific identifiers such as your address or the name of our school.  Instead, you can consider using your first and middle names or other nicknames and for the school, simply say a suburban high school or something like that.
STEP 1: Please go to and follow the steps to create your blog.  Begin by clicking on “Create a blog.”  If it asks to text you a verification code, you can do that without fear of google spamming you.  Don’t feel pressured for a good title – this is changeable.  As you fill out the info,  PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU WRITE DOWN THE FOLLOWING INFO:
PASSWORD: ______________________________
BLOG ADDRESS/URL:  http://www.                                           

Lastly, enter your info into the form titled Blog Info Form by going to this link, or fill it in below: 

Do not link this blog to your google + account

Do not use the name “Stevenson” or your last name

STEP 2: Once you have created a blog and are logged into your blog page (which should be at the blog address in Step 1) you can add gadgets or different apps to your page.  The first gadget that you must create is a link list that will have a link to my blog.  Here’s how to do that:
  • Click Design(At the top) or "layout"(on the side)  
  • Then--(on the side bar) click "add gadget"; scroll down and click add link list
    • The first title is simply the title you want for this list of links.  You can call it “link list” for simple or even leave it blank.
    • In the “new site url” box, write:
    • In the “new site name” box, write: Sal’s Page or Ways of Thinking
After you have the link to my page, you can add any other links you use often by clicking “add a link.”  Then you can add friends blogs, the school blog, facebook, instagram, email account, whatever might be useful.
STEP 4:  Personalize your blog by adding pictures/change fonts/layouts/templates or other gadgets to make this blog personal and conducive to you!  There’s lots of gadgets – feel free to explore them. 
STEP 5: First post:
To post on your blog, make sure you are logged in and then simply click “new post”.
  • Here is your first prompt:  Who are you?  Write a blog entry that defines who you are.  Explain to the class what makes up the person you are.  What are the biggest influences in your life?  What are your goals/purposes in life?  
  • Please remember that this blog should be treated as seriously as you would treat a test or an essay or a project for class.
  • You should also refrain from using your full last name anywhere on the blog.
  • You will be responsible for monitoring what people have posted on your blog. 
This is not your facebook account, you need to be aware that this site is public, therefore DO NOT use your Full Name on the page, DO NOT use information that a “creeper” could use to identify you.   DO keep your posts, pictures, and songs appropriate.

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