Friday, January 31, 2014

Polar Plunge 2014!

This is the Patriot Plunge Team 2014!  Tutu much fun!

This is the Patriot Plunge Team 2013!

Sunday, February 23rd from (roughly 10-2) is the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. This is the biggest and most important fundraiser for the Special Olympics. Here are instructions for how to register, but basically you simply need to logon to the webpage for the Fox Lake Polar Plunge. Then click on "register now"  (or click here) .  Then click on "Start Fundraising." Scroll down and select "Fox Lake" for the event. Then follow the instructions and when you get to "team" select "Stevenson High School Patriot Plungers". When you are finished registering, you will have your own unique webpage that you can email to family and friends. They can donate directly to you through that page. They can use a credit card and you won't even have to collect money. All you have to do is collect $75 or more and you get to participate in the polar plunge and you get a free hoodie! Help us defend our  title as the school with the most plungers!

Here is a flyer for the Fox Lake Plunge. Watch this video to get excited about being a part of this experience. Still not convinced?! Look at how much fun this is:

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