Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Community Service

Last night I went to St. Thomas of Canterbury, 4827 N. Kenmore Avenue Chicago, IL 60640. (Church: (773) 878-5507) It is in Uptown in Chicago. It is managed by Jim Eder. This was my 4 fourth time volunteering there, so I had some idea of what to expect. Nonetheless, it was still a great experience and it feel refreshing each time I do it. We left school at about 3:15 and returned at 8:15. On the ride down, I was busy thinking about all the stuff I have to do: grading, house projects, school stuff. But then as we exited the expressway and entered the city we started talking with our bus driver who was from that area. He was a retired CTA bus driver who grew up on the northside. He pointed out lots of historic places and told stories about the ares we were driving through. When we arrived at the Soup Kitchen, we jumped right into the service. First, I showed the students where to put their coats and bags and to get an apron. Then we setup the room for the dinner by placing bread in each bowl and salad on the table. Once the room was setup. Jim called us over and talked to us about the soup kitchen and the guests that they serve and what is required of us. He said there are only two rules: Keep yourself safe and act out of the goodness of your heart. After that, the guests started streaming in and he gave us each a job. I tried to help out when needed but otherwise stay out of the way so that students could do most of the service. I encouraged students to smile and be good waiters and waitresses. I washed dishes. I helped open milk. I bused the tables.

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