Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Odd, you see?

The special schedule for odyssey can be an odd-you-see experience because the days are so different; different groups of students mixed up doing different activities than they are used to. One of the levels of sociological analysis is called microsociology. That is how individuals interact in face-to-face situations. Sociologists pay attention to the amount of touching, eye contact, posture, who speaks up and how they talk. As you move about in your "odd-you-see" experience, think about the group dynamics. How does the size of your group and the type of art you are doing affect all of these group dynamics? You can compare this experience to the abandon ship experience we did in class.  Additionally, you can watch for how groups of students react differently.  Is there a difference in how the freshmen react as opposed to seniors?  How about boys vs. girls?  Any other groups that react differently?

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