Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Service Op: Habitat for Humanity changed from march 3rd to March 17th 7:30-4

Sorry about the change, but the Habitat For Humanity Service opportunity has been changed from March 3rd to March 17th. The plan is to start work on the house in Elgin at 8am and work until 2 or 3, so please be sure that you can leave your house around 7:15 to drive to Elgin and allow yourself until 4pm which gives you time to drive home. Please dress appropriately for this work: you will probably get dirty. Wear clothes that you don't mind ruining. I would cover your arms (long sleeves) and legs (no shorts). I would also dress for outside but then be ready to take off layers if you get warm from working. Please bring enthusiasm and courtesy to the job! I think it will be meaningful and worthwhile. If you are interested, please email our contact at Spring of Life Habitat for Humanity: Laureen Reidelberger at lreidelb@comcast.net and please let me know too.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Service Op: Habitat for Humanity March 3rd 7:30-4

If you are interested in helping with this renovation, we could use 6-10 students on March 3rd. Work begins at 8 am and usually goes till about 3-4 pm. If you are interested, please check your availability and dates and times and let me know. I will add you to the list. As of right now, you should expect to have to provide your own transportation there.

Here is a message from our friends at Spring of Life Habitat for Humanity:

In the past, we have had the please of working with students from Stevenson HS and it has always been such a pleasure. We have found the students to be hard-working, polite and fun! We look forward to another year of Stevenson HS student cooperation and have actually schedule time into our renovation plan for it. This home will again be in Elgin and is a renovation rather than a ground up build. With a renovation we face the challenge of accomplishing the goal yet ensuring that all have a positive volunteer experience. With limited space we have to employ fewer volunteers mainly for safety reasons but also so that we don't run out of work. We do not want people tripping over each other but rather working a full day knowing that they really made a difference.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Service Op: Misericordia Candy Days April 27 & 28

Misericordia Candy Days

Friday & Saturday April 27 & 28, 2012

This is not your typical "tag day", this is
Misericordia Candy Days. Be part of the more
than 12,000 people who proudly walk the streets
and stand at the store fronts supporting Misericordia.
Volunteers are needed to work the streets, sidewalks
and store fronts of Chicago and the suburbs. Anyone can do this
you simply pass out candy and informational tags in exchange for
donations. Please Volunteer two hours of your time to
make a difference for more than 600 children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

When I was in high school I was lucky enough to have a job at a basketball gym connected to Misericordia. I only took the job for the basketball, but what a blessing to get to know Misericordia and all it does for the residents there. I also was able to do tag days for a number of years and it was a cool experience and at the very least eye opening.

Click here for more info or to volunteer.