Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Killing Us Softly 4; The agents of socialization, especially the media, shape women to think about femininity a certain way.

Killing Us Softly 4 is a video that highlights the dangerous influence that media has had on our culture - especially how women are socialized to think about themselves, but also men too. (Click here to watch it on mediacast).   I think it's shocking, but true. And it is especially dangerous because in everyday life, you don't pay enough attention to these adds to notice their influence. But, I think the video puts it all together and it really highlights how destructive these images are. And research shows that we see about 300 adds per day, everyday!  Here is the discussion guide for the documentary.  Pages 5-7 provide a summary of key ideas in the movie.  The main topics are:
Advertising Environment 
Cult of Thinness
Sexual Pathology
The Results of Advertising:  Consumerism and Violence

As you watch the documentary, look for some ways that you are influenced to think about femininity in your life.  Maybe the socialization comes from friends, family or ads/commercials.  Do you see how we are shaped to think about women?  Do you see how harmful it can be?  Do you know any examples of this personally?  Here is a link to Jean Kilbourne's website which includes resources for you to fight these messages.  There are a lot of interesting resources there so please check it out.  Here is a preview clip:

This video called "Onslaught" from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty highlights the unbelievable number of negative ads that young girls are shaped by:


How does the media socialize U.S. society to think about femininity?

Explain the themes from the movie.

For more info see Ferris and Stein pgs. 249-251

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