Friday, January 6, 2017

Blogging Day 2 in sociology

Here is some reminders about blogging:

Here are some reminders about blogging:
Remember, do NOT use your last name or our school's name.
Please use proper grammar and punctuation.
After each post you do, you must comment on other students' posts.
Please write mindfully because what you post to the internet can last even after you delete it.
Make your posts unique and authentic. Feel free to add pictures and links.

By the end of today, try to accomplish these tasks:
Write your first post.  For the first post, simply try to answer this question: Who are you? Write a blog entry that defines who you are. Explain to the class what makes up the person you are. What are the biggest influences in your life? What are your goals/purposes in life?

After that, check to see if you have a link to my page from your page.

Then, go to my page and see if I have your blog listed (on the right side).

Then, comment on 2 other students' posts. Comments should be short(1 to 2 sentences) but sweet (meaningful; leave feedback)

Grading the blogs:

After this first post each subsequent post will be assessed in these three areas:

Academic Standards
The assignment should be neat, well organized, and on-time. It should contain proper writing including proper prose and correct spelling.

Sociology Content
The student should demonstrate an understanding of sociological ideas and themes. Student should use sociological terms correctly. Each blog needs to incorporate specific content from the class using readings, class discussions, videos, activities and the posts on my blog page. It is necessary to convey your understanding of course content as it relates to sociology and your life.

Student is able to fully apply the sociological ideas to his/her own experiences (a real life experience, something s/he watched or read, another class s/he had). Student gives an authentic example of the sociology. The example may include how s/he has been influenced as well as life experiences s/he has had. The post should demonstrate how you may feel differently now having learned a new perspective.

Using your blog throughout the semester:

One post is due by the beginning of the last class period of the week.   Usually, this will be Friday.  So if you are in period 2, then the post is due by the start of period 2 on friday.

Here is how you will be graded on your posts:

Sociology  (Artisan – students can craft authentic posts that richly explain the class content in a unique way): Students will be able to explain the concept of sociological imagination through different supporting content.  Students will demonstrate that individuals are shaped by their social life.  (Excellent includes application to student’s life and demonstration of sociological mindfulness.
10 Student is able to fully explain the sociological content and apply it to a unique example.
9  Student fully explains the sociological content using relevant terminology from the class.
7 Student somewhat explains the content from class but does not do it in detail and/or uses little or no sociology concepts or terms
5 Student completed the assignment but did not explain any sociology at all.

Standard:  Literacy (Scholar – Students can read and understand a wide variety of sources and make meaning from them):  Objective: Student demonstrates an understanding of the sources used in class (books, movies, websites, etc…) and connecting them to sociological concepts/themes.
Target (the scale):
10 Student refers properly to multiple sources from class and/or explains the connection of an outside source found by the student.
9 Student refers properly to a source from class and explains its connection to sociology in the student’s own words.
7 Student refers to a source from class but it lacks depth, clarity or correctness.
5  Student completed the assignment but was not correct in interpreting the sources from class.
                                    Success criteria:
                                    Reference to evidence from the source(refers properly)
                                    Students’ own words (explains)
                                    Author’s message/thesis

Academic Expectations (Citizen- Student recognizes the importance of being a part of the community of class; being present and on-time, listening, sharing, respecting, trusting other student, participating in class and writing properly.)
10 Student contributes to the class through commenting, listening and reading.  Student uses proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and clear and academic writing.  Student meets deadlines and is on time.  Student’s work is neat and professional.
9 Student is able to meet almost all of the expectations above.
7 Student meets some of the expectations.
5 Student turns in the assignment or shows up, but does not meet any of the expectations above

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