Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Habitat for Humanity 2010

Here's another great opportunity for a community service experience. There is a new Habitat for Humanity project in Elgin. Last year students went there and had a really good experience. Because of that, they have been willing to permit students from Stevenson to attend their project! Here is their latest call for volunteers:
Brush off your tools belts, lace up your work boots....a new project is underway!

Be the first of your friends to sign up for this exciting experience. Be a part of history in the re-making!

Holy Family, as a partner in the Spring of Life Habitat for Humanity will begin it's 3rd project on September 11th. This undertaking is the renovation of a small historic home in Elgin. Given to Habitat for a song, but requiring some historical preservation, work on this renovation will be a step back in time, just like "This Old House"! Join Bob Villa, uhhh, I mean Larry, Lee, George, the prospective owner and all the gang as they hammer out another beautiful home. Due to the size of the house, the scheduling of volunteers will be challenging and crucial. We promise to do our best to inform everyone of the amount of volunteers needed and the type of work scheduled for any given week. This should ensure a great experience for everyone and will facilitate talents matching needs. The details are as follows:

Where: 511 Washburn Elgin, Il.

When: All Wednesday and Saturdays from now till the end of February excluding Christmas and New Years.

The dates that Holy Family is obligated to provide volunteers: 9/11 9/25 10/9 10/23 10/30 11/13 11/27 12/11 1/15 1/29 2/12 2/26

LUNCH: Holy Family needs to provide lunch on: 9/11 (that's really soon...someone? anyone?) and 12/11

Email or call me as soon as possible if you can commit to a work date OR provide lunch. If you want to provide lunch, I can give you details on just how easy and rewarding this role is. Workers love when the food deliverer arrives.


And this is what she sent to me:
Anyway, we, at Habitat, talk about you all the time because your students are so fantastic and so dependable. We'd love to have them come out again but we may have to limit numbers. This house is only 550 sq. ft!! Fall, however, will be the perfect time for lots of outside work so I'm sure many of your students would enjoy that and we will not be as constrained by 4 walls. We will try to make it a great experience for them.

If you are interested, please let me know and also contact Laureen. She knows me, so tell her that I told you about the opportunity. Please be polite and mature. She has been very helpful to us.

Additionally, you can volunteer at their resale shop. Click here for info.

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