Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Explicit Bias

As you enter, please read this:

Over the last few years, the  United States has elected its first black/ mixed-race President, there are more black actors and actresses on network television, and the cultural norm is that it’s wrong to be racist, so,

 Is racism still relevant? Should we still be concerned about racism or have we moved past racism? 
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Even though race does not exist biologically, it does exist as a social construction. This means that people believe in it and act on it even though it is not real (Thomas Theorem).  One of the ways the social construction of race affects people is by creating and ideology that a dominant group is superior than other groups without power, or minority groups.  This is called racism.  Racism is often used to justify unequal social arrangements between those in power and minorities.

One type of racism is explicit racism - directly and consciously believing that one's own "racial" group is superior to others. Another way that Americans have been shaped by "race" is prejudice and discrimination.  Prejudice is having a predetermined attitude about a group of people usually based on a stereotype.  Discrimination is an action or behavior that results in unequal treatment of individuals because of his or her perceived "race."

Checkout these recent events in our country:
Miss America 2013, Nina Davluri came to SHS. But when she won the pageant, there was a flurry of tweets about her race.

Here is a post about tweets from the 2013 Miss America pageant. 
Is this racism?
Is this prejudice?
Is this discrimination?

Here is a post  about a 2013 racist incident in an unlikely place.

Racism in College

Fraternities and sororities hold racial-themed parties that display very directly the racialized stereotypes that persist in the United States. Does this surprise you?  How would you feel/react to a party like this when you go to college?
Here is a post about why dressing up in this way is not okay.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education has an ongoing list of racist incidents.

Racism in Sports

In 2017, Fans at Fenway made news numerous times over there racist taunts of opposing teams'  players.

In 2017, Yu Darvish was taunted and mocked for looking Asian.

In 2012, Joel Ward, a black NHL player scored the winning goal in the NHL playoffs and he became the target of racial slurs.

Racism in the Marketplace
A college student from Queens got more than he bargained for when he splurged on a $350 designer belt at Barneys — when a clerk had him cuffed apparently thinking the black teen couldn’t afford the pricey purchase, even though he had paid for it, a new lawsuit alleges.
“His only crime was being a young black man,” his attorney, Michael Palillo, told The Post.

Racism in Politics

During the Healthcare debate in 2009, Representative David Scott of Georgia had a 4foot swastika painted over his office sign.

The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies hate groups in America. This link will show you a map of all the hate groups in the United States.   Is this surprising?  Is this concerning?

This article from the Mail Online, A British online newspaper:
And with Mr Obama reportedly receiving more death threats than any other American president - 400 per cent more than those against his predecessor George Bush, according to a new book...A black U.S. Congressman had a swastika painted over his office sign after he yelled at allegedly racist protesters at a Southern town hall meeting, it emerged today.

Racism in the Media

Jeremy Lin is an example of the racial stereotypes in sports and how stereotypes can be more or less permissible for different groups within a society. Here is a post explaining that dynamic from the society pages.  Here is a clip of the skit from the daily beast.  Have you seen or heard any explicit racism in your own life?

Explicit Racism Backstage

Sociologists Leslie Picca and Joe Feagin explain in their book Two-faced Racism that racism can be explicit even if it is not always shared publicly.  Read an excerpt here.  Watch a video of Leslie Picca here:

SOCHE Talks: Two-Faced Racism: Whites in the Backstage and Frontstage from SOCHE on Vimeo.

Takeaway (for more info see Ferris and Stein pages 219 - 222)

What is the difference between racism, prejudice and discrimination?

What is explicit racism? 

What evidence is there that the U.S. is not post-racial and explicit racism exists?

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  1. Like I explained in my most recent blog about Race, I witnessed a protest by Neo-Nazi's at the opening of the Skokie Holocaust Museum. It was one of the most awful experiences I have ever had. I do not understand why these people have such strong hate for, in this case, the Jewish people and feel so strongly about showing it and making it clear.