Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's funny because we are ethnocentric!

This article helps us see how time is socially constructed.

Using the article, please answer these questions:

1. How do the researchers study time around the world?

2. What evidence do they state for the claim that time is a social construct?

3. What are some examples of time varying around the world?
How does language shape the understanding of time (Mediterranean Arab cultures?)

Norms vary around the world. One example of this is the norms centered around time. How do people from different cultures think about time differently? What do they consider late or early? These are norms.  Here is a list of norms from around the world.  It is important to recognize these norms in cross-cultural communication. If we fail to acknowledge these differences we run the risk of offending someone or worse, a whole culture of people.

And this graphic explains varying norms from around the world.

 This video is set to music for comic effect, but it is funny because in America, the norm is that men do not hold hands or kiss in public. However, this is expected in many Middle Eastern cultures. In order to show solidarity The President must hold the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia.

Also for more humor on cultural differences, checkout these HSBC adds: Eels, personal space, wrong flower,


  1. This is a really good post because it actually shows how Americans view the gay culture in America. While they did try to make this video funny, it shows how serious we are actually opposed to other peoples views.

  2. here's the link for my changed blog Sal

    i added a few new sentences in the second paragraph about maturity and sociological mindfulness.
    Also, I think there was a big impact on a person and how they acted just because of what group they were placed in, in highschool. The freaks tried to break the more and the geeks tried to follow itas best as possible.

  3. We find this funny because it is not normal to us.. & something that people always ask me is do I speak "cuban" It makes me laugh because I think that's so funny! in cuba they speak spanish, but then I think that not much is known about cuba & the culture & that's when I stop laughing & explain to people that in fact they do speak spanish in Cuba.

  4. I like how you wrote this because its a great way to explain how the norms of society can affect relations between people in society