Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everything and nothing changed - Inauguration 2009

I bought tickets in October to the Illinois State Society Ball which is open to whomever. I think they always throw something, but this year it ended up being BIG. It was really cool. There were a dozen different rooms all decorated with a theme from Illinois - there was an Irish Pub complete with a Motown Band? Go figure. There was a 50s diner set to look like Grease which was based on a Chicago high school (Taft), a riverboat with a piano player. I said hi to Senator Durbin and saw Jesse Jackson Jr.The President-elect was originally scheduled to show but he didn't make an appearance because of security concerns.

Today, I was able to get 2 tickets to the inaugural address. I know someone who knows someone. I was about 100yds away from the President's Address. I was off to the right. Getting there was insane - The Metro was completely jammed, wall to wall people, but surprisingly people were cordial, patient and jovial. They were chanting things like O-B-A-M-A, OBAMA and YES WE CAN. After that there was a long confusing and zigzagging walk to get to the checkpoint where we enter the viewing area. I heard J-Lo and Spike Lee were in our section. I sat next to a PIC staffer.

When we got out we walked 2 miles to get out of that mess. We had lunch at the Embassy and Bill Murray was there! He was leading the crowd chanting "Go Home" as CNN aired the footage of former President Bush flying back to TX.
What a weekend. What a movement. But this is only the beginning - we have work to do and promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep...

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  1. ooo sal i bet that was one of the best moments of your life

    told you i'd keep in touch