Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mixed Income, mixed blessing

Here is a series of reports from Chicago Public Radio about the new mixed income housing on Chicago's south side.
They stand no more: high-rise public housing buildings that once pierced the cityscape have been demolished. So-called “mixed-income” communities are growing in their place. The largest and oldest of these communities is a place called Oakwood Shores on the South Side. Here low-income blacks have moved in next to middle class blacks. It’s all part of the Chicago Housing Authority’s billion-dollar plan to deconcentrate poverty. Other cities are eyeing the Chicago experiment because of the enormity of it. Thousands of people have been removed from CHA homes. The question is whether the new living situation has improved the lives of CHA residents.

If you listen/read the report(s) look for signs that the social environment shapes the residents. What are the factors that shape their life's chances?

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  1. I think a lot of people are scared of these mixed income areas because of the underlying racial prejudices.

    The stereotype with "ex-ghettoees" is that they're criminal black thugs.

    I think everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a better life, but this is going to be a huge culture shock for both groups of people living together in one community.

    I'm really going to miss your class Sal.

    I wish there was an AP joke. You'd have less kids and more opportunities for us to discuss topics as a group.

    It was fun pretending I was a second semester senior.

    I'll make sure to drop by!

    Have a good summer!