Monday, December 2, 2013

Class Interaction

In the movie, a few of the interviewees say that people from different social classes do not interact much on a daily basis. One person says that the last time he saw people from a different class was in high school and they didn’t get along much because the working class people felt that the upper middle class people were always looking down on them. He also said that the lower classes feel “invisible.” Another guy said that people from different classes might interact at a baseball game, but they don’t really understand each other.

The question is do you think that we separate ourselves from other classes? On a daily basis, when do you get to interact with people from different classes? Why do lower class people feel “invisible?” Do you think this is true? Visit the following website to see what kind of people live near you:
Claritas class finder by code.

Also, there is a short article about how uniforms separate us into classes. Click on the following link and then click on “Essays” then “Pride and Prejudice...”
Articles on Social Class

Also in the movie, they show a woman trying to act wealthy. She is given lessons on how to walk, talk, stand, think, dress etc.... What do you think of these techniques? Can someone learn to fit in? How are we encouraged to not let others into our class? Do you think that our parents encourage us to mix with people from a certain class? The following website provides evidence for one small way that classes tend to separate themselves. What do you think of it? Click on the link below and then visit the visitors section:
Ivy League Dating

How are you separated from other classes in your daily life?

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